Weed Control in Florida Lawns

Florida lawns and landscapes are constantly under stress. Extreme temperature changes, sandy soil with poor moisture retention and saltwater intrusion pose maintenance issues for property owners. The area's climate is conducive to growth for many types of plants, however, the list includes fast-growing invasive plants commonly considered as weeds.

In addition, conditions in Southwest Florida are hospitable to many tropical insects, fungi and other native and non-native pests that affect the health of lawns and landscapes. Between the weeds and the pests, lawn maintenance can become a tedious task for homeowners.

To ensure that your lawn remains green and thriving, you must have a maintenance plan that includes weed management, pest control and soil nutrition for each season. As such, property owners may benefit from the services of a professional horticulturist with a team of trained technicians. Knowledge of local conditions and practices is crucial to avoiding disastrous lawn conditions that may be very costly to remediate after the damage is done.

The technicians at Pickhardt Professional Services take lawn management issues seriously. They will create a customized maintenance plan that will take your lawn's particular issues into consideration. Fertilizers or Herbicides are applied as appropriate on the lawn and shrub beds. Pickhardt Professional Services technicians specialize in the care and feeding of St. Augustine, Zoysia and Bermuda grass types.

Find out how Pickhardt Professional Services professionals can turn your lawn greener and healthier with minimum effort on your part. Call Pickhardt today for a free quote on service plans, and start enjoying a lush lawn in no time.

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