Lawn Fertilization

SeedingTo have a beautiful lawn all year long, it needs tender loving care from a professional horticulture company. However, the best option is a company that combines lawn care with pest control.

Pickhardt Professional Services is a company that does not just service your lawn once. Unlike the large organizations, Pickhardt is a small company that is offering personalized services that treat customers as individuals, and we do this on an on-going basis. With our regular service program we will ensure that your yard is healthy and free of pests that can damage your grass.

Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

At Pickhardt, we understand that it takes much more than just watering the grass to have a gorgeous lawn. Your Zoysia, St. Augustine or Bermuda grasses need to be given the correct fertilizer on a regular basis to ensure that they are receiving the right nutrients. We will also perform weed control services to ensure that nothing jeopardizes the beauty of your lawn.

Pest Control

Florida has many pests that can damage grass and cause it to die. For example, the nemesis of St. Augustine grass is the chinch bug, and it is responsible for the large patches of brown you may have noticed in your yard. To prevent this from re-occurring, we can perform pest control services that will keep these pests at bay.

Other Lawn Care Services

We offer several services other than Lawn Fertilization and Weed and Pest Control. This includes Interior Insect Control, Fire Ant Control, Crabgrass Prevention, Grub Control, Shrub Fertilization and Shrub Bed Weed Control.

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