Controlling Lawn Bugs in Florida

For the most part, Florida has a hot, humid climate that’s perfect for growing a beautiful, lush lawn. Unfortunately, it’s also perfect for a few gnarly little pests that like to destroy lawns. Homeowners who love their lawns need to be aware of these three problematic pests.

Chinch Bugs

Chinch Bugs are tiny insects with small, black triangles on their wings. They vary in size from one-eighth to one-quarter of an inch. They’re known for sucking the chlorophyll from grass, which prevents photosynthesis and makes the grass die. They are hard to control because they reproduce quickly. Standard pest control methods may be ineffectual in eradicating them. If your lawn looks wilted immediately after a good rain or watering, there’s a good chance you have Chinch Bugs. They prefer sunlight, so their damage usually begins in a sunny area of your lawn and spreads outward.

Army Worms

Army Worms are actually caterpillars. They’re an inch long with white stripes on their back. They migrate in large numbers across agriculture fields and lawns destroying everything in sight. They attack at night. If you see an area of your lawn that suddenly turns brown and grows larger every morning, you’ve probably got an army of army worms. Another good indication is if birds suddenly tend to cluster on your lawn looking for food. Sadly, there are hundreds of army worms, and birds alone cannot control them.

Bill Bugs

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