Flea And Tick Control

Cat flea full of human bloodFleas and Ticks are prevalent in Florida. The pests can be quite a nuisance, and both pests have the ability to infect humans and pets with diseases. Pickhardt Professional Services is experienced with flea and Tick infestations and are able to control pests.

The way people first encounter Fleas is through pet infestation. The unsuspecting animals often become infested with the insects and bring them into the house where they multiply. Once Fleas have entered the house, they’re very difficult to control. Fleas can infest furniture, carpets, bedding and other animals, and they often bite humans. Fleas are small, but they can be seen with the naked eye and appear as small, jumping piece of dirt.

People who find their homes infested with Fleas should contact Pickhardt Professional Services to quickly rid the house of the pests. The first thing that people must do is remove the Fleas from the pet. This can be done by a veterinarian who will clean the pet and apply an oil to kill the Fleas. Once the pet has been treated, pest control can begin to remove the Fleas from the house.

Ticks are usually found around heavily wooded areas and can burrow their way into the skin of humans and pets. Flea and Tick infestations are common in the Florida area, but they are easily remedied by a licensed pest control company such as Pickhardt Professional Services. Florida residents who find themselves facing a flea or Tick infestation should contact Pickhardt Professional Services for a free consultation.

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