Crabgrass Prevention

Crabgrass is a tough and invasive weed that loves to transform beautifully maintained lawns into wild forests. When crabgrass runs rampant, it's very difficult to stop it.

How do I get rid of crabgrass if it's present in my yard?

There are several common methods for eliminating crabgrass. The first involves manually digging out the weeds one-by-one until they're all gone. While this could work, it's very inefficient and leaves your yard looking unkept. The next method requires you to purchase hazardous chemical sprays. Not only would the chemicals pose a threat to the surrounding plants, they could also do some damage to your health and compromise the well-being of your loved ones. Sometimes the sprays don't even kill the crabgrass. That only leaves one popular and highly-effective option.

Stop crabgrass before it sprouts with pre-emergent herbicides

The crabgrass elimination method of choice here at Pickhardt Professional Services is pre-emergent herbicide application. Pre-emergent herbicides inhibit certain enzymes in crabgrass seeds to prevent them from germinating. The herbicides have no adverse effect on growing plants or humans.

Unlike the removal methods outlined above, this one doesn't produce quick results. Our program requires the application of pre-emergent herbicides to your lawn a total of four different times per year. Applications are typically done from December through July for the best effect. Generally, you'll see a significant difference in your lawn after two seasons.

If crabgrass is destroying the health and appearance of your lawn, contact Pickhardt for a free quote on our pre-emergent herbicide service. Give us a call with your questions. No matter how bad your crabgrass problem is, we'll find a way to solve it.

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