Cockroach Control in Florida

American RoachCockroaches are disease-carrying insects. If you have ever walked into your kitchen in the middle of the night and have seen a few roaches scurrying across your counter tops, you probably have an infestation. For every roach you see in the open, there are more hidden away behind your cabinets, under the sink and behind your appliances.

Cockroaches can infest the cleanest of homes in Florida. They walk through their own feces, dirt and other insects that may be sharing a space beneath your refrigerator with them. They carry bacteria and viruses that can make you and your family sick. Cockroaches are very difficult to control without proper training.

If you’ve noticed roaches in your home, contact Pickhardt Professional Services at once. Every day counts because Cockroaches breed frequently and can spread throughout your house rapidly. We hate them as much as you do, and we’ll send over a qualified technician to inspect your home for the pesky nuisances. We’ll let you know how bad the problem is and what we can do for you. We’ll even give you a free estimate to eradicate the problem insects.

Don’t let Cockroaches live in your home with you and your family. Even one Cockroach is too many as far as Pickhardt Professional Services is concerned. We’ll handle the problem promptly and professionally. We know how to apply materials safely, so your pets and children won’t be affected. There's no reason to permit Cockroaches to remain in your house. Give Pickhardt Professional Services a call.

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